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7. Sustainable Energy
William Reynish & Marie Boyeer
Working title: Sustainable Energy


The demand for cheap energy is constantly increasing in line with an increasing world population and there is therefore a need for a significant increase and optimization in the production of renewable energy.

A key problem with renewable energy is to improve the electricity network's supply routes, so that the energy sources' output can be distributed geographically and in relation to time, wind and weather. A global economy based on fossil fuels and an associated increase in greenhouse gas emissions are creating catastrophic changes in our climate system and it is therefore time that supply routes are optimized and that all societies invest in clean energy sources such as solar, wind, water and heat.

sketch wind turbines.png


The installation forms a connecting network of different wind turbine models that draw historical and geographical threads to the whole world. Wind power has been used as long as people have set sail in the wind. For more than two millennia , wind-powered machines have ground grain, ventilated and pumped water. Today, wind-powered generators operate in small battery-charging plants for nearly gigawatt-size offshore wind farms that supply electricity to national electrical networks. In 2014, over 240,000 commercial-sized wind turbines operated worldwide, producing 4% of the world's electricity. The wind turbine installation is inspired by wind turbine architecture both locally and internationally and the amount of turbines set up in the landscape should remind us that an efficient and coherent electricity grid and the distribution of electricity are essential for the spread of sustainable energy. The installation is affected by wind and weather conditions in Annebergparken.



Galvanized steel

Mills and plinths must be forged and assembled from galvanized steel, which is subsequently varnished.

The materials dictate a collaboration with a local blacksmith and car painter.


Photo: Reynish & Boye sketches

William Reynish & Marie Boye

William Reynish and Marie Boyeer an artist duo who seem to complement each other's fields in the best way. They both have an alternative educational background in relation to the visual arts, which we are an interesting interdisciplinary that can bring out a different exciting work.

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Wind Turbines
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