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Nataliya Zuban
Working Title: Anatomy of Interaction

The sculpture "Anatomy of Interaction" functions according to the principle of communicating vessels (vessels, volumes connected by tubes or ducts). According to the rules of physics, the surface of liquid in communicating vessels of any shape is at the same level. Thus, this work conveys the idea of gender equality in a changed social reality, which I propose to consider as an alternative to the existing one. Connected vessels are the so-called social organism. The liquid that fills the inner space of the sculpture remains at the same level under all conditions, that is, it serves as a kind of metaphor for gender relations in society.

Nataliya Zuban Process-9.jpg

Photo:  Natalia Zuban. Copyright.

Nataliya Zuban Process-8.jpg

Photo:  Natalia Zuban. Copyright


Nataliya have been developing for a long time a sculptural form resembling volumes (vessels) conjugated by numerous connections. She is interested in exploring how the viewer's perception of it changes when I change the size, proportions and sides ratios. Under different circumstances (proportions, size), the viewer associates these objects with floral or anthropomorphic forms, elements of the landscape. In this work Nataliya Zuban want to draw attention to the internal space of the sculpture, which sometimes remains invisible (underestimated) - for the viewer. In this sculpture it is not easy to see it also because the work is a little higher than the average human height. The sculpture has a completely open upper part, so it can collect liquid from precipitation and at the same time there are holes in the bottom, which do not allow the liquid to be held for a long time. It demonstrates the idea that an alternative reality, in which gender equality is axiomatic, is possible only under exceptional conditions.

Nataliya Zuban

Nataliya Zuban (1992) is a Ukrainian visual artist from Opishnia, Ukraine. Since 2019 Individual member in category artist of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), Geneva, Switzerland



2018-2021 Interdisciplinary PhD, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland 

2009-2015 Master of Arts: Artist of Ceramics, researcher, teacher; Lviv National Academy of Art, Lviv, Ukraine

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